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Medifors Marketing Group was established in 2004 by Dr. Cem ÇITLAK and BKM Organization, an industry-leading company of Turkey. After becoming exclusive distributor for Unilever Pathology (UniPath), MMG introduced Clearblue, Clearplan and Balance Active Vaginal Gel products to the Turkish market with its 30-people field team, then became the official supplier of Novofine products for international aid organizations right after concluding a special agreement with Novonordisk. Started selling Clickfine products after receiving distributorship from Ypsomed in 2009.

Medifors Marketing Group stepped into aesthetics industry in 2010 with “Royal Clinic Istanbul”, and then opened Vogue Aesthetics in 2012, Nişantaşı Private Clinic in 2015, and NHC Istanbul Policlinic, one of the few hair transplant centers of Europe, in 2018. MMG, providing services in approximately 25 different branches in the health tourism sector, was deemed worthy of Turkey’s Best Aesthetic Clinic and Doctor awards in 2018. As of 2021, the company united all of its aesthetic activities under the name of “Aestheluxury”, and also organizes trainings for doctors as Aestheluxury Academy in Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.


Our Mission, Our Vision

After Turkey, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, where we are currently operating under the name of Medifors Marketing Group, we aim to start certified training programs for our solution partners in Switzerland, and by the end of 2023, to be able to work with more than 100 physicians certified with Aestheluxury In-Service Training as well as their professional networks overall Europe.

Our Solution Partners

Our brand has been the official supplier of Novofine products of Novonordisk for international aid organizations since 2009. We have a business partnership with the company Novonordisk, bound with Due Diligence and Business Ethics agreements.

Medifors Marketing Group is the exclusive distributor of British-origin company, UniPath, in Turkey. Right after forming a field team of 30 people for Clearblue pregnancy test, Clearplan ovulation tests, Clearplan ovulation monitor and Balance Active Vaginal Gel, UniPath started to operate in Turkish market. Its distributorship continued until the company was sold to P&G as UniPath Global.

MMG owns the franchise for Clickfine products of Swiss-origin company Ypsomed in the Turkish market. Congressional studies, clinical studies and licensing processes still continue for Clickfine and Clickfine Mylife needle tips.

Our Institutions

NHC Istanbul Clinic

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It is one of the few hair transplant centers in Europe, operating with 8 treatment rooms in the Fairmount Qasar building. The clinic, which started its activities in 2018, is one of the most popular hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

Aestheluxury Clinic & Aestheluxury Academy

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It was established to provide professional training to physicians and health personnel operating under the roof of Medifors Marketing Group. With its growing staff and overseas expansions, it also provides Medical Aesthetic Practices Certificate Trainings to physicians in Europe as “Aestheluxury Academy”.

Nişantaşı Private Clinic

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It’s the clinic where Dr. Cem Çıtlak and his team currently continue their activities. It is one of the most well-known and rooted aesthetic application centers of Istanbul.

Royal Clinic Istanbul

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It is the first clinic opened by Medifors Marketing Group. It started its activities in Unimed Center in Fulya, Istanbul in 2008. It mainly provides services in foreign patient admissions and surgical branches.

Vogue Estetik Istanbul

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It started its activities in Nişantaşı, Istanbul in 2015. It is an application center for Medical Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.



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